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Visa Application

Could you make any necessary changes to a standard confirmation of my reservation in regard to visa applications? If necessary, could you then send this to the appropriate German consulate in my country?

Yes. We will make the necessary modifications to documents required for visa application. We would also be willing to forward these papers (via Fax or email) to the appropriate German consulate in your country.

Please understand that:

1.    the desired changes to your documents can be made only AFTER we have received your deposit.

2.    we must have the complete personal data (name, address, passport number etc.) of the applicant/traveler. This information must be sent to us via email (written text).

3.    for each bed that has been booked, confirmation will be given for only one person and the name may not be changed later on.

4.    we will charge a special expenditure fee for this additional service (to be paid in advance and regardless of whether the visa is issued or not/the trip takes place or not.)

5.    we will not return these fees if a visa is not issued.


Issuance of reservation confirmation: no charge

One-time change in reservation confirmation: 15 EUR/document

Any other changes: 10 EUR/document

Sending the reservation confirmation to the embassy/consulate: 10 EUR

(prices include VAT 19%)

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